Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Business niches on Android Market, where should I publish my app?

houldI have had a look at bubiloop anaytics tools and have found the following conclusions about the Android Apps Market. I'm sharing my thougths and graphs with you because I think they can be useful for you (click on graphs to make them bigger).

Too much Apps on Entertainment
Following graphic shows how many Apps are there on each Market category:

As you can see
  • Entertainment is plenty of Apps, doubles the second (all game categories). Clearly Entertainment is a bad word to define a cateogry, everything on the mobile phone is entertainment.
  • The number of Paid Apps are usually half free Apps on all categories except on News & weather where are the same
  • If I have to spend my time developing an app, probably I'll do that for categories like Finance, Shopping or Cards & casino. This categories' apps have a lot of opportunities and moreover there is a lot of space to cover in.

    What users look for: tools, multimedia and communication
    Here you have a graph with the average views per app on each category:
    Well, should we publish an App on Software libraries, we will have more options to get more visits to our App file (then options to get downloads) but, be careful:
    Software libraries cateogory is not getting much traffic. So crossing both graphs, I think that best categories to put Apps are ToolsCommunication and Multimedia.

    Almost all categories get similar conversion ratio
    In this case, we are going to see the download conversion rate per visit per category, in other words, category effectiveness. I mean which is the scenario where a user comes to bubiloop, finds an app, and downloads it:

    Comics and themes, most appreciated apps
    Finally, here you have one of the most relevant graphs for developers. What are the apps that users are more close to pay for:
    • News & weather with the highest paid apps percentage, is the category where users download less paid apps. Free apps have enough quality.
    • Leisure apps like Comics, Themes, Arcade & action games, etc. are the best categories to make money. Users pay per quality fun apps.
    • Cards & casino despite having very few apps, are appreciated and users pay for this kind of apps. Here you have a good niche.
    Sources: Google Analytics and Bubiloop Analytics.

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    That,s really cool that the graph of total apps is much higher then the free apps and paid apps because total apps is the addition of free and paid apps, nice of all.

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